After dark, Captain Dave becomes Sundance Dave – singer, songwriter, and guitarist extrordinaire! 

🌟🌟🌟 Brand. New. Tracks. 🌟🌟🌟


Brand. New. Tracks.


Demos available soon! But you can buy them right now, right here!


All songs written by David Richardson, with the exception of “Monkey Box,” which was written in collaboration with Kevin Kenworthy.
David Richardson: All Lead Vocals, All Guitars

Kevin Kenworthy: All Keyboards, and Vocals

Bill Rountree: All Bass Guitars, and Vocals

Carveth Clauson: All Drums and Percussion

Jo List and Lyn Richardson: Background Vocals

Rev. James “Soupcan” Garre: Trumpet

Keri Kalis: Voice on “Mentally Ill”

Doug Simonds: Trumpet Solo on “Keep on Tryin”

Anthony Iannucci: Sound Engineer

Tammy Zink: Cover Art

Many thanks to everyone who contributed their expertise to make this project possible, including Jess, who inspired “Monkey Box.”


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